Aluminium Tents Namibia

5 Ways to Buy Aluminium Tents in Namibia

Aluminium Tents are easy to assemble and demount convenient to transport and storage, It facilitate high security perimeter, It gives elegant and magnificent appearance when installed accordingly, It has no interior poles structure design to give 100 percent use of interior space, It comes with heavy duty and stable structure which can last long for years, we provide aluminium tents for sale in Namibia with a wide range of application in Tents and Tents accessories also provide solution for customization of tents on the special request of the clients. Our company manufacture and supply aluminium tents in Namibia.

Aluminium Tents Manufacturers South Africa

Aluminium Tents could be widely used for temporary outdoor Exhibitions, Wedding Parties, Festival Celebrations, Conferences, Sports and other events, and also good solution of Temporary Warehouse, workshop and Temporary Emergency Relief and other purposes. No pole inside, means 100 percent interior space is used. We cover full line of tents accessories available such as, windows sidewalls or plain PVC sidewalls are up to customers.


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Advantages of Aluminium Tents

  • No pegs and poles inside the tent.
  • Can be set up on any flat surface.
  • Aluminium tents can be used for any type of event.
  • No centre support, therefore allowing for more room.
  • Allows for no window & windows.
  • Allows for a clear span roof with a magical view.
  • Tent Sizes:

    Aluminium Frame Tents range from 5m x 5m to 20m x 50m.
    We also allow for customised tents to suit your event and guest.

    Branding Opportunities:

    Our company allows for branding to be done on your Aluminium Tents with any logo you require.
    Let us help you brand you tent.


  • Steel Frame Structure
  • PVC Material
  • Waterproof